2008 STF04- 65M- CABINA ARMATORE logoOver the last few years, the decision to use traditional or new, innovative materials for ship building has become increasingly complex, especially when trying to decide which material will be best for a unique design.


Wood, steel, aluminum, kevlar and carbon fiber are just a few of the materials available today for building ships. Recent innovations in engines, shafts and propellers are also factors to consider when speed and design must be combined.




AW Kimberly II
The superior knowledge gained through a University education and teaching as well as the extensive practical experience of the members of Studio Ruggiero ensures that the best materials will be used in the most cost-effective manner to benefit the client.

Helping clients to negotiate the best contract possible with the shipyards is part of our extensive service and commitment to excellence.

Vincenzo, Valerio and M. Elisabetta Ruggiero continue to publish research papers as well as attend classes, conferences and training sessions around the world that keep them on the cutting edge of technology, design and innovation.